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Tip Test square a square with measurements on a digital sewing pattern so the sewer can check the pattern has printed out at the correct scale.
  • AD-103254 AD-103254
  • AD-103263 AD-103263
  • AD-103264 AD-103264
  • AD-103265 AD-103265
  • AD-103266 AD-103266
  • AD-103267 AD-103267
  • AD-103268 AD-103268
  • AD-103269 AD-103269
  • AD-103271 AD-103271
  • AD-103255 AD-103255
  • AD-103273 AD-103273
  • AD-103274 AD-103274
  • AD-103275 AD-103275
  • AD-103276 AD-103276
  • AD-103277 AD-103277
  • AD-103278 AD-103278
  • AD-103279 AD-103279
  • AD-103280 AD-103280
  • AD-103281 AD-103281
  • AD-103256 AD-103256
  • AD-103283 AD-103283
  • AD-103284 AD-103284
  • AD-103285 AD-103285
  • AD-103286 AD-103286
  • AD-103287 AD-103287
  • AD-103288 AD-103288
  • AD-103257 AD-103257
  • AD-103258 AD-103258
  • AD-103259 AD-103259
  • AD-103260 AD-103260
  • AD-103261 AD-103261
  • AD-103262 AD-103262


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exu1938 - Tuesday 13 February 2024
fantastic image, great details and original style and concept. thanks
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